Lawn sweepers, also known as lawn vacuums or leaf sweepers, are used to keep lawns or paved areas clean. They have a set of brushes that sweeps up debris and deposits it in a catcher or collection bag.

Lawn sweepers can be divided into three types
–          Push lawn sweepers
–          Pull lawn sweepers (pulled by a lawn tractor), also called towed lawn sweepers
–          Powered lawn sweepers

When deciding on which type of lawn sweeper to buy, you need to consider the size of your lawn and whether or not you have a riding lawn mower. A pull lawn sweeper is pulled by a lawn mower so if you don’t own or intend to buy a riding lawn mower, the pull type is of no use to you. Commercial lawn sweepers are pulled by garden tractors. They are excellent for large lawns but also expensive. The pull type is a simple device so they are generally very reliable.

The push lawn sweeper is the most basic type. It has a number of advantages, for example the design is simple so there are few parts that can break, they are generally cheap and it is a good way to burn some extra calories. The main disadvantage is that they are manually powered. This is not a big problem if you have a small lawn but larger surfaces can be tougher to manage with a push lawn sweeper.

Powered lawn sweepers are more expensive than push lawn sweepers but require less effort. For larger lawns they are a good choice. Since they have their own engine, there are more parts that may break.

Although a lawn sweeper is much more efficient than a rake, you still need a rake for areas along fences, flower beds etc.

Leaf blowers are an alternative to lawn sweepers. Leaf blowers are powered by gas or electricity. One drawback with leaf blowers is that they just blow away leaves, which may have to be collected later. If you want to build piles of leaves, it soon becomes a time consuming task. Lawn sweepers on the other hand, collect the leaves in a bag. Another drawback of leaf blowers is that they are useless if it is windy. One advantage of leaf blowers are that they work uneven surface, which can be a problem for leaf sweepers. Leaf blowers can be noisy but many manufacturers have worked on reducing the noise on their newer models.

Here you find our recommended lawn sweepers

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